At this point we have over 89 hours of survivor and historian interviews and have narrowed it down to a smooth 93-minute film. The film picture is locked and now we are moving into the post-production phase (high definition, color correction and 5.1 surround sound mix) of the film before we are able to distribute the finished picture to a worldwide audience. Although the postproduction process is expensive, we are determined to raise the rest of the financing necessary to complete this film.

We are currently still fundraising for this final process in order to complete and share this unique documentary film with the world.

There are several factors that will facilitate the funding required:

There has never been a full-length (over 60 minute) documentary film produced on this subject in the United States.
There is a need and a yearning for original, educational and cutting edge material in the theatrical and cable television arena.
The successes of Independent documentary films is based on principles of keeping costs low while maintaining high standards of quality.

Director Bobby Leigh and Producer Marta Tomkiw have chronicled these tragic events of Holodomor and bring them to light and to the screen; the suffering of a nation of village farmers who will be remembered and all those who died needlessly will be vindicated.

Different ways funding can be obtained:

• Private Investors or Donors (donors will get a 100% tax deduction)
• Ukrainian organizations and companies
• In-kind services, (Post-Production facilities, Fundraising venues and Fundraising events.

Donating money (that is 100% tax deductable) in independent motion pictures is a unique opportunity that offers many rewards including emotional satisfaction and artistically. Every year hundreds of successful independent films are released into film festivals, theaters, and video stores. In addition, these people are enjoying recognition at film festivals, premiers and social gatherings including film release parties, award banquets, and film industry galas. Recognition is also prevalent in the form of media press releases, newspaper articles, television news coverage, and entertainment publications. Last but not least, donors contribute to an art form that will remain in perpetuity throughout the universe and will span many generations of filmgoers, including their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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