A film like “HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” deserves and requires maximum exposure to reach it’s full awareness promoting and cinematic potential. Therefore, it will require a compelling and fresh awareness campaign with a clear, unique, avant-guard, “out of the box” strategy.

There are several ways how we plan to create awareness about Holodomor with this new cutting edge film.

Educational/Festivals: Currently these events surrounding “HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” are not widely known within the western-world. If any information is known about this tragedy, it was passed down over the decades through eyewitnesses and victims rather than through media. “HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” will deliver a rare educational incite into one of the largest and most divesting events in modern history. Not only was this a man-made famine a major economic disaster, it was also a tremendous human tragedy. The death toll was higher in Ukraine than in all the battlefields combined during World War 1. All of the major film festivals: Sundance, Berlin and Cannes can provide a much-needed platform for this documentary. It will give an opportunity for the victims to share their silenced memories in hopes of bringing a public awareness to this genocide and remembering the people who suffered and relinquished life.
This film will also serve as an educational tool to be screened at High Schools, Collages and Universities to help educate today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders so that this type of tragedy never happens again. The short version (21 minute) of the feature full-length (93 minute) film has already screened at the United Nations, Universities in Australia, University of California, Ukraine and others.

Distribution: “HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” a high quality, honest film with historical content is an attractive candidate for domestic and international distribution in all arenas: Theatrical, DVD/Home Video, V.O.D. (video on demand), Television, Non-Theatrical and E-Commerce. An emotional, personal compelling film like “HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” makes it a worthy film for a mainstream avenue to promote awareness to the world and educate our children, grandchildren and tomorrows leaders.

“HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” is a documentary film, a genre that has been popularized by such successful films as “ The Cove”, “Fahrenheit 911”, “March of the Penguins” and “An Inconvenient Truth”.

“HOLODOMOR: Ukraine’s Genocide” has a tremendous audience appeal to both Ukrainians and anyone who stands behind human rights. The total number of Ukrainians living in the United States in 2000 was estimated at 893,055 by Census, compared to the 1,862,416 estimated by the 2003 Census Supplementary Survey.

There are also many Ukrainian, especially the Ukrainian youth in Ukraine, who are not familiar with the details of this genocide, as it has been suppressed for so many years.

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