“The biggest lie, the best kept secret.”


In 1932-33 Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, had bountiful crops of grain yet its people were dying of starvation. In order to crush the will of the independent-minded Ukrainian peasants and secure collectivization of all Ukrainian lands, Joseph Stalin ordered an army of ruthless Communist Party activists to confiscate all harvested grain and seize all the foodstuffs in the villages. As a result of this genocidal decree, by the end of 1933 nearly 25 percent of the Ukrainian population – 7-10 million people, including 3 million children – had perished!

In the face of terror, Ukrainians had little possibility of escaping their horrific fate to create another life elsewhere. Travel was banned for Ukrainians keeping them confined in a prison of starvation within their own villages.

For the first time ever in the United States, a full-length feature film documentary will be presented in light of this tragic event in history. HOLODOMOR will tell the story of the cold-blooded destruction of human life which has been silenced from the world for over seven decades.

Director's Statement:

Let me begin by stating that I am not Ukrainian.

In November 2006, Producer Marta Tomkiw invited me to the Holodomor Memorial Service in Los Angeles. Although I had fancied myself as a history buff, having seen almost every World War movie I could, and studying countless hours of history channels, I had never before ever heard of a Holodomor or any Ukrainian genocide or famine. I was taught that life was great in the USSR. Much to my surprise, I later found out that no one I knew had ever heard of it either.

I was deeply touched by the Memorial service and upon the urging of one of the members of the Los Angeles Holodomor committee as well as Marta’s convincing tactics, we decided that this story needed to be told after being silenced for over seven decades.

Marta and I researched and found no other full-length feature documentary film produced in North America on this topic. I felt that the time had come for all the souls who needlessly died to be given a voice to tell their story. I believed it was our duty to lift the veil of silence that had been shrouding the Ukrainian nation too long.

The atrocities that the Ukrainian people faced and suffered should never happen again.

Bobby Leigh, Director / Producer

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